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People Factor! No matter how product moves - people play the decisive role in moving it successfully and safely. You can have all the technology in the world and the best equipment but if you do not have, the people to make it work you will not be successful. We believe in our people and they believe in us!  

Since the inception of Loadstar Dispatchers (1963) Ltd., our personnel have contributed to our overall success and have helped us to become one of the premier carriers in Alberta’s oilfield today.  We pride ourselves on hiring quality people with the experience to handle any circumstance.


Loadstar Dispatchers (1963) Ltd. believes in education. We not only offer initial training through our orientation program but continue to update our people with the latest in techniques and practices. Our full time safety personnel are well trained and highly experienced in all areas of transportation including, accident and recovery, load securement, safe work practices, fall protection, PPE, materials handling, rigging, and many other areas.


We offer local representation to ensure safe loading and maximization of payload. We will work with your staff to ensure compliance and a successful outcome. Site visits and orientations enhance our operators’ knowledge of our customers and their products.


Freight management systems are only as good as the people operating them are and Loadstar Dispatchers (1963) Ltd. has the best!


Our expeditors, dispatchers and operations people are experienced in all facets of transportation and can provide you with quick and accurate information. There is no customer service without people and our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with the best service possible.


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