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At Loadstar Dispatchers (1963) Ltd. we pride ourselves on our ability to provide safe and modern equipment combined with knowledgeable and experienced personnel to the Alberta oil & gas industry as well as the power & utility industry. 
With a fully licensed CVIP mechanical shop on site and our fleet of more than 44 trucks and 100 trailers, Loadstar Dispatchers (1963) Ltd. is prepared to provide transportation services for almost any load. 
Over 44 Tractors


Tandem trucks

8 – 12 ton pickers

22 ton stiff boom pickers

32 ton picker tri-drive/trucks

8 - Grapple Trucks

Winch trucks

2 - ½ ton pilot trucks

2 - ½ ton hotshot trucks

1 ton hotshot truck with 40’ trailer


Over 100 Trailers


53 ft Pole trailer with bunks

53 ft Tri axle trailers

48 ft Tri axle trailers

45 ft Tandem axle trailers

53 ft Step decks

45 ft Scissor necks

53 ft Trombone trailers



In addition to the above equipment, Loadstar Dispatchers (1963) Ltd. has access to heavy haul equipment such as trombone trailers, steering pole trailers for 80’ pipe and
multi-wheel lowboys up to including 64 wheel trailers. 
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