Loader Operator Positions


Loadstar’s loader operators are kept busy in our fact pace pipe yard. Operators help load and unload pipe from incoming and outgoing loads as well as stack and move pipe to and from locations in our yard.


Skills, Duties and Requirements:


  • Operate wheel loaders in a safe and professional manner

  • Adhere to all Loadstar Dispatchers (1963) Ltd. policies and procedures

  • Build loads of pipe and equipment for legal transport to job locations

  • Transport newly manufactured pipe to storage racks

  • Construct racks for the storage of pipe

  • Care for and maintain company equipment

  • Complete daily maintenance, inspection, and clean-up, reporting all defects immediately

  • Participate in daily crew talks

  • Act as spotter for other operators and drivers when maneuvering equipment and vehicles in yard

  • Assist and support work efforts of all yard, shop and field employees

  • Assist with inventory of all material and equipment

  • Practice proper, legal load securement

  • Maintain a positive public image of the company with appropriate personal conduct and by operating company vehicles and equipment in a safe, professional, and courteous manner




Truck Swamper Positions


The role of the swamper is to work directly for and under the guidance of the picker operator.  Swamper’s are a vital part of our business as they assist the picker operators  in ensuring all aspects of the load are completed safely and all necessary precaution is taken for the particular task.




  • Work directly and take direction from the picker operator

  • Assist the driver in loading and unloading

  • Assist in loading of the float equipment




  • Always wear proper PPE

  • Ensure all safety equipment is in the unit prior to starting the job

  • Always obey the safety rules of every location as well as Loadstars safety policies and procedures

  • Help driver with tasks including: chaining up the truck, hooking up trailer units, pre/post trip inspections, and any other duties the driver may require.

  • Help secure load

  • Have a constant awareness of all machinery in your environment

  • Give proper signals to your picker operator at all times

  • Assist in safely securing each load and checking the load before ever undoing any securing devices

  • Use all lifting devices for their proper use and in a safe manner

  • Pre-check all lifting devices before use

  • Check that all devices are in their proper positions before giving any signals to lift

  • Keep a safe distance from all lifts, even when using tag lines

  • Keep constant contact with the picker operator and with all air and/or motion lifts.

  • Avoid all pinch points.

  • Watch for any obstructions




Yard Swamper/Laborer


Swamper’s are a vital part of our business as they assist in ensuring all aspects of the load are completed safely and all necessary precaution is taken for the particular task.




  • To assist his loader operator in parking trucks and organizing each load

  • To tally and count each incoming load and report to inventory control with tally sheets

  • Listen to his loader operator and his directions

  • Give proper directions to the loader operator when loading a truck

  • To maintain a clean and tidy yard as well as break room




  • Always wear proper PPE

  • Have constant awareness of all machinery in your area

  • Ensure all safety precautions are taken

  • Follow all policies and procedures

Please complete the application & apply via one of the following methods:
  • Apply in person at Loadstar Dispatchers (1963) Ltd. head office (7331 34th Street, Edmonton, AB)
  • Email application package to hiring@loadstar.ca
  • Fax application package to 780-468-1132
Loadstar Dispatchers (1963) Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from all interested individuals, however, only those candidates eligible for an interview will be contacted.